08 June 2012

neutrals and a sale~

eeeee. i've been having fun purging, remaking and challenging myself to go all neutral. i used to create using mostly vintage and antique buttons as you see here.

spending time to make "heishi" from buttons going from tiny to huge! i'd sit at the desk for hours getting it just right then stringing them up. i'm inclined to use the buttons again in varied ways along with their sister buttons the old creamy milk glass and plastic housecoat buttons of yesteryear.  

 like here

and here

and here

then there is the slew of creamy and white beads and sundries that still amuse me and i'm trying to get them together. all the rest of these photos contain refurbished necklaces and earrings as well as new work using vintage and contemporary components.
i had departed from making my own findings as silver was so expensive, but i am back at it and you will find most of the findings are hand formed and oxidized. however, some earwires are reworked surgical steel 'cause i have them and want to use them up! anyway. that's what i've been up to as well as prepping for 2nd grade. yippee! here we go:

vintage glass, glass, shell, rhinestone buttons. garter clip. antique gold foil lined beads. sterling.

bike chain link necklace. shell, river stone (got out my diamond bits and drilled away!), pipestone bead. salvaged chain.

bike chain link necklace with loads of pearls.

bike chain chunk necklace with river stone. steel.

ok. this has a little green. i made it last year, but love it, so i added it. curtain rod finial, vintage faux pearls, bike chain link necklace, key, salvaged chain.

old domino and a half hidden cow collage on a  bike chain link necklace.

criffles from numinosity with shell and sterling silver.

linen, seam binding, housecoat buttons, wool and shell. sterling.

typewriter keys, bike chain link, silk, steel. sterling.

numinosity drops. bike chain links, silk, steel.

bike chain links, milk glass buttons, steel.

antique keys, milk glass buttons, bike chain links, steel.

vintage shell buttons and faux pearls, dragonfly's from the bouncing box, salvaged chain.

my sale still exists on my etsy site to pass along all my wonderful older recycled creations. stop by for 50% off at checkout (coupon code halfoff). luv, luv!


  1. Wow, You're making the most of your time off from school. Isn't it fun to go on a theme for a bit. i think it helps productivity as well as creativity.
    I love the cowering cow and always cool to see what you've done with the numinosities.
    I totally love the look of the graduated vintage buttons, it shows off the varied shades of ivory so well.
    Do you have a regular market that you sell at in the summer?
    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. hi kim! can't wait for my new heads pins to arrive. if you do any of the recycled copper matchsticks in neutral tones then i'm in! this new journey has been reinvigorating for sure.
      what do you think of the new backgrounds? i used my seriously old french dictionary (it has a gorgeous thistle flower embossed on it) and a muslin background for the hanging earring shots. i use a little point and shoot, i think it does ok. but i do like the new backgrounds but would love a critique.
      i sell every sunday at the farmers market in the railyard district (right next to the brewery, so that's a bonus at the end of the day). have you seen it since they developed it?
      have a lovely day! <3

  2. I like the ones on the books best. The gauze looks a bit more like it could be plastic sheeting and is catching too much light. The bust is good too.
    We did go to the rail yard district, that place was so cool. I think that would draw a nice crowd with good taste.
    If you see a glass hand in my photos, that's one i picked up in SF by Elodie Larson. That's a nice frosty neutral hand... if she's still making and selling them. My cousin's wife used to have the studio next to hers...not sure if she still does.
    I wanted to do more interesting backgrounds too but got caught on the white background as I was working on my shots and it seems to be part of the cohesive look to my shop. I haven't gotten the bugs worked out of more complex backgrounds.

    1. thanks! maybe i should iron the muslin too. ;)

  3. Buttons are my favorite thing; always have been, ever since the tin my Grandmother let me play with, filled with buttons, that could keep me occupied happily for hours n hours. Love what you are doing here!

    1. we musta had the same gramma! :) my daughter now has a button box (tin) that has been passed down 4 generations so far. fun, fun!

  4. Funny--some of the buttons I'm sending you are from my own grandmother's gigantic stash. I really like the faux heishi. Do you just string/wire through the multiple holes? Looking at them I would think they might be actual beads if I didn't know they were buttons; I mean they look every bit like they've all got a hole straight through their centers. However you did it, good job. I want to try!

  5. we all have the same gramma! so string/wire/whatever-ya-got through the two holes and they align nicely (or two of four for the four holed ones), just like you imagined. :) i just put that piece up on etsy as a finished necklace. looking forward to the box of lovelies!

  6. Creative and imaginative work... Let's all get together and have a button box playday... I even call digging through boxes at flea markets "button boxing"


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