31 March 2016

~spring break is almost over

my last assemblage piece before school starts up again. she's a fun one! with donnaperlinplim

29 March 2016

~messing with components

i've been playing with fire, practicing my application of liquid enamels and stenciling with powders. but i can only make so much jewelry, so i've added a components section to my etsy shop so others can get clever with my enamels. something for everyone!
sunflower petals


july 4th


landscape back


celestial with poly beads by shipwreckdandy

20 March 2016

~trade bead statement neckpiece up for sale after 18 years!


~playing with recycled copper and enamels

i've been playing around with a new type of gas ~propane~ and throwing in all of the enamels. i like how it's going but such a departure from the bottle caps. no longer limited by shape. 
poly by shipwreckdandy, clay by donnaperlinplim here
i gave away all of my jewelers equipment years ago, so now i need to get a sawing block again as right now i just snipsnipsnip and pound. sawing could liven things up a bit. but i like the organic nature of the snips.
clay by happyfishthings here
today i play with drill bits and letting the light shine through.
bowie here
almost out of my enamel sample shipment from two years ago and would like some new colors not found in the sample kit. i'm really liking the look of layering over the white. i recently purchased etching solution and i've etched a pair. ~scream~ is etched. if i etch the lighter colors, i could get out my crayon and draw!
poly by shipwreckdandy up for grabs
sooo, i've got the powder, liquid and crayon to play with. such fun. who'd a thunk i'd love this but recycling is key. i must retain a recycled element to continue in the shows i love to participate in. i dig that i live near a junk yard where i can get my copper. scored a ton of flashing and wire. it'll keep me going for a long time!
clay by scorchedearthonetsy ~my don't pinch me pin for St. Patricks Day ~sold
i have two shows coming up soon. a festival in Albuquerque at La Parada Farm to Table called the Kenny Chavez Tenth Annual Cinco de Mayo Festival. and then Reuse-apalooza in Santa Fe. a carnival!
clay by scorchedearthonetsy here
i'd like to find some lovely summer shows, but golly, the prices are so high and i need a booth shot, so, i sketched up how i could gussy up the booth, went through all my cloths and display items then settled on white and black with turquoise tulle as a trim. then i can get that shot i need at one of the shows. hope it looks good! so much fun peeps!
leaf by pipnmolly here
i love that my husband supports me. he made weights for my canopy, a really nice one we scored at half price from a canopy shop. it has worked so well in the elements since we bought it years ago.
poly by shipwreckdandy up for grabs
he loads the vehicle, unloads it with me, helps me set up then it's off on an all day bike ride while i sellsellsell. winwin all around.
clay by donnaperlinplim here
in the end, it's about community and spirited fun. have a happy creative day all! xoxo