27 December 2015

~coupon code happynewyear

both shops are at 50% off with the coupon code happynewyear. making way for some fresh fun! xoxo

26 November 2015

~cyberadornments sale

running a promo in both of my shops. type in coupon code cyberadornment (at checkout) to get 25% off all items. xoxo today til the 1st darlicioushouse.etsy.com or artisticrejuvenation.etsy.com xoxo

18 October 2015

~statement ring

new today. fall colors adjustable torch enameled beer bottle cap statement ring. Altoids tin strip, Numinosity Beads by Kimberly Rogers glass beads & leaf headpin by tracy. ~

09 October 2015


raggedrobyn & scorchedearthonetsy are in the house!

27 September 2015

~foo fighters

my husband was approached by some mountain bikers looking for a trail head. he offered to take them up the mountain and ride down with them. two days in a row he's been hanging with them. one of the guys turns out to be the bass player for the foo fighters, the other, and old employee of his from 20 years back who now works as a sound manager. tom blames his good fortune for great new riding buddies on the super moon. i made these earrings to wear to the concert. :)

06 September 2015

~unusual decadence

torch enameled beer bottle caps. scorchearthonetsy clay accents. faceted amethyst. love.

22 August 2015

28 July 2015


hahaha. my hubby found me on linkedin. must've done that one night after margaritas as i do not remember it! lol but, i polished my profile and am very pleased. want to know more about this chickie girl, go here. lol then he came home and i overhauled his.

24 July 2015


have a lovely day!

13 June 2015

~getting faster with the photos

lol. i can string thoughts together and make more than one piece a week! lol 

this is huge my friends. 

so, i've been working on neck pieces and here are some of the latest found in either shop to the right.

then a montage of new photos of jewelry from past and present. the overhaul is done in the shops and i've got some new goodies that are old, just never seen the light of day.

enjoy! have a wonderful day!