31 March 2012

~recycled steel with glass

making blueberry muffins. you? of course this was after the bike swap where i sold my favorite pair of earrings eva and then home to the hubby who was mopping the floors and making kabobs. he's feeling betta and like most of us who were sick and then felt betta, he went over board. cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, planting the f@#king garden! sheesh. he needs to rest now.
so. i made this choker from a funky piece of glass on found wire from numinositybeads. purple seed beads, olive head pins (from kim as well), old metal beads from far away, sterling silver and a piece of silk (from the packaging that kim sent). so, this weekend was a numinosity weekend for sure. some day. i'll be able to afford more of her yummy work! until then, enjoy!

30 March 2012

~fun with numinosity beads

kim at numinositybeads made the pretty glass head pins and found object piece that will become a choker. fun, fun stuff! off to a bike swap meet tomorrow to pedal my wares.

24 March 2012

bike parts!

managed to break down some bike chain and create a couple beach themed pieces today.

22 March 2012

new blog and yummy work from tuscan rose~

i just fell in love with this blog that i found through etsy~ramblingrose~ here is her etsy shop ~tuscan rose~ here is an image from her shop because i love it! have an amazingly adorning day everyone!

17 March 2012

it's all about recycled~

i made these thinking about all the grading i am doing as the third quarter comes to an end. gotta get grades in and gotta get the comments done as well. it's a big job. if i were using these pen nibs to grade they would be dunked in purple ink as i love purple, but alas, they are in my ears instead and i use a red felt tipped pen as i forgot my purple pen at school! so, i'm listening to queen, flogging molly and Leonard Cohen as i plug away at my day job and dream of my nighttime escapades in drinking beer, playing darts with the hubby and making jewelery! luv, luv today to you all! happy saints patty's day! (sheesh, should be using green ink). :)

16 March 2012

because it's fun!

it's the end of the quarter and i have a ton to grade and post in the grade book, yet I need to make extra mullah too. so I often am torn and need to just work my ass off (i think it's called burning the candle from both ends) but anyway, i managed to sneak in a little studio time last night and played with poker chips. forgot i even had them as they weren't in my studio but the office. well, duh darlene. wait, why would they be in the office? sheesh, imma mess sometimes but anyway, I found them when i was making a nice little package for a pair of earrings that had sold. in the end, made them into earrings as well. the acme ale photo is just too cool. havin' fun! xoxo

11 March 2012

~new work up. new blog for me to read!

it's another overcast day so that makes it an irish coffee morning. booyah!
new work above is up on etsy. these are olden days pieces~ just hadn't put them up yet! fun, fun. and speaking of fun (and inspiration), visit shipwreckdandy's blog shipwreckdandy. just found her blog today and LOVE her set up. been a fan of her etsy shop for some time. enjoy your day all!

10 March 2012

one more "tinny" piece

one more tin pair of earrings

~playing with tin

i see so many lovely handmade adornments created from vintage tin. soooo pretty, cool and eclectic. i decided to have a go at playing with the cookie tins i have (i've made jewelry from old rusty tin cut from dump cans, but not from nice new cookie tins)~so away I went! The following pieces were cut from this years cookie tin from my mommy (so, MODERN not vintage). she sends the BEST cookies every year and the family just can't wait for them! even my oldest, who is out of the house, will call and ask us to save him some. oh course, we DO!

 from here
 new here
and new here too

so, on this cold, snowy, overcast day with the Christmas lights on for cheer, i share with you! i gotta tell ya, on days like these i go into a funk so the lights and the creations really help out. the inspiration from other fine artists is always lovely and helpful to the old mental health as well. below you will find my inspirations and links. cheers!

 from tribalis
 from fanciful devices
from read between the lines

i'm afraid i'm having a darned hard time finding the artist that inspired the cones, but i thank them for their creativity as i do all of you lovely loves!

03 March 2012



I'm funny 'cause I'm gonna celebrate that I have 10 followers! Seriously, that is huge for me. Next celebration will be at 25. Wonder how long that will take? hmm...

today is a photo day so when my camera is done charging, it's gonna be a busy one. I've got about 10 neck pieces that aren't even up on Etsy yet and 15 that I am retaking with my new display. I look forward to this process. :)

yippee, have a lovely day and enjoy a photo from my fav artists Dalton Ghetti