30 July 2014

some new designs~

i love my antique & vintage shell buttons! years ago (like 10, wow!) i would cut old rusty cans found in the arroyo dumps & flatten the metal, file the edges & weave shell buttons onto the slices creating earrings that sold like hotcakes. then i started teaching & left that world behind. the other day though, i took my old idea & put it forth with enameled bottle caps.
i added some chain & there you have it. then...
i took the whole caps that i make as components & wove some shell buttons onto them.
the backs have little nipples made from hematite beads wrapped with the copper wire. i love the backs!   
purple babes
hanging backs.

13 July 2014

~a fire like morning and a thank you

i torched enameled and built a fire just to create for you!
the green sticks are double green overlay with gilding on the fold. 
i think i'll make more of these in different colors.way cool if i must say.
the pit fired clay beads are a surprise! 
this time they made it through the fire. 
sometimes they don't fare so well as this is not a science but a journey 
from wet clay to pit fired components.
the fire is never the same and the combustibles change making for an 
ashy color sometimes and jet black at others. like on these kitty cats who got both.
variables i cannot control. 
what a gas! see my shop at right if ya just gotta have some for yerself. xoxo
and a big thanks to fanci for having a give away as i won an amazing pair of earrings! 
yummy! more xoxo all over the place!

09 July 2014

~more parts

been creating components for you to get busy with. some pit fired clay dangles and beads. some enameled beer bottle caps. all in my artistic rejuvenation shop. some new jewelry too. xoxo