30 May 2013

mannequin hand yum and numinosity beads~

ooh. i love the hand that arrived today! so much better than the vintage soda pop bottle i was using for bracelet photographs. i found this on etsy at Cynthia's shop beatnheartVintage. thanks Cynthia! not meant to be a stack but could be. if you do not snatch these up, they go to a consignment shop tomorrow. so much history and so much fun. petra's dangles of eggish and fingerling styles on the small one.
this one is a spectacle to behold. mostly antique shell buttons with a couple of shell buckles, an antique salt shaker top that is inlaid with shell and a bunch of other goodies. i loved making this one!
then some numinosity headpins arrived! kim is awesome and i love her work. i also love, love, love lagunitas brewing company and their ~a little sumpin' sumpin'~ ale so showed off some green bottle caps with the purple spears.
in the end come some peachy spears with antique shell button fringe. yum.

have a great day everyone!

26 May 2013

school is officially out for the summer though i will be teaching summer school and so look forward to it! i get to meet and work with many of next year's students, so i'll get a sense of how they work and who they are before the beginning of the school year. for a teacher, that's the coolest eva! any who, i'll be working with the new firsts and seconds.
so field day was energetic and wet. the kids had so much fun! and then we waved them all good by. one student yelled from the bus, ~i hate all of you~. poor thing. so much hate. she had a rough year.
so i'm a bit lost this weekend without school work to do, so i started sorting through the Board Certification write ups. wow! i'm gonna be working long hours and enjoying every minutes of it. i'm such a geek when it comes to my profession as i have just as many aha! moments as my students and love, love, love it! the Boards are coined as the best professional development a teacher could ever get, and i'm up to my neck with enthusiasm for this PD.
well, got some time on my hands so i made some earrings and went to a party, went out to celebrate the ending of a fabulous year, heading out for a mountain bike ride and planning my babies 10th birthday tomorrow! water balloons are in the mix with a big fruit salad. his sister is making him a mine craft lemon blueberry cake. fun, fun all around this weekend. oh sure, i'll get in the house cleaning and laundry, but mostly fun! hope yours is as well. cheers!

all for sale at my etsy. xoxo

17 May 2013

~fun from bonnie

a pin from the box my bonnie girl just came home with from her dad's place. just outta the blue she said she had cleaned her room and found stuff i might be able to use. too sweet! here's what it contained! wow! she's got my heart in more ways than one.
 back 'o pin
10-10 earrings with old rusty tin backs and collage under glass. LOTS of gold glitter. i think i'll create some copper ear wires for them and wear these babies!
 a key and little bottle. what was in that teenie bottle is anyone's guess. avon?
 santy. with a blue bird.
 a glass box full of huge clam shells and beach glass.
 assorted yummy stuff to recreate.
 shells, pearls and beads.
 some essential oils that are all grungy.
 a box! a round box!
with beads. turquoise, pearl and amber as matter of fact. i remember giving these to her when she was young.
 and Eiffel Tower stamp.
and the best part? a bunch of shells threaded on a broken ear bud wire. she's the best! my girl is amazing and carries so much light. thanks sweetie for the gifties!