20 February 2013

gold foil and a cold~

came home sick today. hate being sick! especially hate leaving my classroom. BUT, i went and got some seriously hot red and green chile to kill the bug as well as some good tequila. ok, just a little in a sipper. like a hot toddy without the whiskey and honey and lemon and hot water. lol
so, my tommy says ~stay out of your studio and relax!~ i said i would so i brought the relaxing out to my kitchen table as forrest will be home soon and i can't sleep! when f gets home, i will. so there. got the fire roasting and got to the gold foiling of things.
anyway, i started with some buttons and a key plate. not sure of their exact name, those plates. but this one is from latvia and copper and cool. gonna be a necklace.
two different shots of the final result. pretty cool. have no idea what i will do with the buttons yet, but they are sweet. especially the teenie tiny one in the middle.
but then, i realized some of the glue has escaped through button holes and i had gold foiled the table!
shit, i'm in trouble! tom's gonna put two and two together...

17 February 2013


i cry for all of us these days; my brother, other bloggers, myself. yet, there is so much sunshine and light. i do hope it permeates all the sadness and gives way to renewal when the sighs are soothed and the shoulders unclench. when new paths are lightened and the signs say "all clear". xoxo

16 February 2013

bead soup and bike ears~

i got the goods above from hannah rosner. this is my soup and i'm already stirring up in my mind what i might do. she sent two focal beads so i can choose one or the other. forrest likes the green one, so i'll go with that for sure.

this is what i sent~
my crappy photo, but great beads! hope she enjoys and has fun. can't wait for the reveal day on march 30th. fun, fun all around. challenging too.

now for today's bike part earrings~


04 February 2013

always loven a challenge~

i decided to sign up for a bead soup swap at lorianderson-beadsoupblogparty.
always one just up for something new and exciting. imagine getting a bunch of beads and making something using the exact clasp and focal you are sent. other beads might come with, but gotta use the clasp and focal. no holds barred. add your own, add a friends, add kim. lol. cause she's awesome!
i'm excited! i've been paired with hannah of good river gallery and you can see her shop here. she is a seed beader with raw material that in my eyes speaks of the earth. so, onward and upward into a challenge.
here is my fav of hers
cheers y'all!