09 July 2017

We're All Ears :: July Inspiration :: Visual Music :: My Take

I have been participating in many a fun challenge this summer. It's a great distraction from the Dossier process and gives me that mental health break that I need. 
This month, over at Earrings Everyday the July inspiration is visual music. 
See the original post here. What fun!

I was so inspired, and found the following video to be my springboard::

I started with some recycled copper that I counter enameled::

Then I moved onto making stencils from screen shots of the video::
I then laid on the enamels and torched them up!
Back in my clean space, I gussied them up with some marker strokes that were present in the visuals then gave them some super long hand-formed copper earwires to match the scheme::

In the end, I added some gold leaf and viola! My inspirations::

 But then, in true Darlene fashion,I removed the black lines and like them so much better!

Have a wonderful day all! xoxo