23 May 2015


i tripped on the sidewalk. was putting my phone away as i was rushing to my car. didn't see the transition. flew ass over tit. ok, not really, but that was fun to say. just flew and hit my head on the pavement. a few more inches and i would've been in the traffic lane, as i landed between two cars, one being mine.
i am thanking my lucky stars. but concussion confirmed. two days later my eyes suddenly went black and blue. now it is in my jaws, but the doc says it's normal. gonna freak out my students more than so far! the poor babies just kept staring at my forehead and eyes. i didn't stay long at work. too hard to focus and too hard to listen. so out of it, but this shall pass. in the mean time i managed to eek out a few thing, but i gotta tell ya, it hurt and went painfully slow. not my usual top speed. bleh!
but, on the upside, i breath and breath and thank you for breathing too!

single accent

single accent

02 May 2015

~for the derby

enameled beer bottle caps with numinositybeads glass head pins
and raggedrobyn ceramic beads. here.

lavender, grey, blue and black speckled.

metallic backs with gold.