13 June 2015

~getting faster with the photos

lol. i can string thoughts together and make more than one piece a week! lol 

this is huge my friends. 

so, i've been working on neck pieces and here are some of the latest found in either shop to the right.

then a montage of new photos of jewelry from past and present. the overhaul is done in the shops and i've got some new goodies that are old, just never seen the light of day.

enjoy! have a wonderful day!

06 June 2015


i've been doing acupuncture to help with the headaches. what a wonderful way to spend about 30 minutes, relaxing with needles protruding from all over the place! i'm loving it. we have a community acupuncture program where everyone reclines together in the same room and the doc just goes around the circle pinning and tweaking and then letting you be. very soothing for sure. it is a sliding scale so very affordable at $15 a visit.
brilliant orange love
i'm feeling so much better with this treatment and lots of rest that i've taken on a huge project (on top of my masters-glad i have another week off). i'm redoing all the photos in one of my etsy shops. i found them to be too dark and varied. so i'm brightening up the place with new photos and some consistency. so, almost all of my listings are hidden until they rise to the surface and see the light.
have a great day all!
mish mosh

02 June 2015

feeling bettah~

i am feeling a bit more normal yet still foggy as all get out. how can that be?! headaches have mostly subsided and fatigue is less so i consider this a boon! i am off work for a week. docs orders, so i made a few crazy items to tickle your way-out-there fancy!
vintage faux pearl chain made by moi, ceramic ET by donnaperlinplim, ceramic connector by Happy Fish Things, a beauty glass head pin by Numinosity Beads by Kimberly Rogers and a wonderful hand-wrought steel clasp by prisiclla moore of yesdearsister.
this is a fun one peeps and full of love! xoxo

crazy love earrings today. i haven't been able to focus for so long it seems, thus grateful to be on the mend. i made serious statement earrings to celebrate! double disc earrings with RaggedRobyn and more happyfishthings ceramic beads. greens, blues, purples. xoxo