27 September 2014

grab bag pendants and teacher of the week~

some pendants. i made them, reworked them and voila! i ordered some scrappy vintage chain to compliment them. numinosity glass and scorchedearthonetsy ceramics. love.~

yesterday i was named the first ever teacher of the week at our school. extra prep next week, special parking spot, and something else that i couldn't hear over my kids cheers. they gave me high fives and knuckle bumps. sweet kids. happy day all! xoxo

21 September 2014

busy, busy, busy and etsy thoughts~

i've been having the second thoughts about etsy. what do you all think? i feel like i spend too much time for so little return as i haven't many admirers in either shop so my fan base is low. hahaha. i just said fan base. lol. 
i recently had to empty my shops due to a gallery taking most of my work. that's a good thing, but now there's not much to show of my worth. so which is better. an empty shop or filling it up and spending the cash on their mega site?

i have have been spending much time creating as you can see. i'm getting ready for my biggest show of the year and that brings another concern. i need items in my shop for those followers. ugh.

well. any thoughts are welcome. however, as i type away, i'm realizing i have my answer. i need to fill my shops. lol enjoy the scenery! xoxo

08 September 2014

~pics for the upcoming recycled art festival

 wait, that's a beer slushie. onward!