20 May 2017

~ the process

I dumpster dive. A lot. My latest, greatest find was a bunch of copper viga covers from a recent home remodel. My lucky score!
I cut 'em, clean 'em up and torch enamel the pieces. The finished product is either sold as components or used in my own recycled line.

See more trash transformed through this blog inspiration. And please visit me in either of my shops. here and here. xoxo

23 April 2017

~50% off sale!

Hi everyone! Hope all is well. 
I am liquidating so it's all half-off in both of my shops until the 30th.  
darlicioushouse with funky/junky sundries of past and present or artisticrejuvenation with my torch enameled recycled copper pieces. 
Lovelovelove! Happy shopping!

04 March 2017

~New Botanicals

Fresh from the flame! @ my lovely little shop. xoxo

30 December 2016

~New Enamels and a New Year is about to be upon us

All my new enameled yummies can be found here. And the assemblage pieces here. So many wonderful artisans helped out with their yummy components. Thanks for looking! xoxo

11 September 2016

~bugs, bikes and botanicals

torch enameled yumminess on recycled copper. we found some old copper cornice pieces at the junk yard and i was able to clean em up and create! most of these pices can be found in my etsy shop.
 most are torch fired decals over botanical impressions and one is even a comet cleaner cap!

as i enter the last few months of my masters's program, i am taking the time off from creating and writing, writing, writing in a formal apa format which i'm not paying attention to that here! lol
no formatting but someday, maybe i'll grow up!

21 August 2016

~comet cap

steel comet cleanser cap is overly fired to create a unique look. here