22 February 2020

:: We're All Ears :: Earring reveal from Darlicioushouse ::

A blog hop. 
Please see more amazing jewelry on this hop about nature based art. 
Land art!
My torched and burnished beer bottle caps are adorned with river stones! 
All copper hand formed and forged ear wires and drops. 

17 January 2020

~Color of the Year~

I had the time to participate in another blog hop!
I love making earrings and they work with my short attention span. hahahaha. Rarely can I make something that takes more than a few minutes as I'm a total "squirrel" person!  

I love to collect, and love to create so here we go again. 

I used the untraditional color suggestions as seen here:

I picked some yummies out of the bead boxes and away I went. 
These earring sport porcelain drops in grays from the lovely Petra of scorchedearthonetsy , blue and maroon glass beads, brass bead caps and copper ear wires. They can be found in my shop darlicioushouse. Enjoy the hop!

29 December 2019

::New Earrings and 30% off Sale::

My shop is on sale. 30% off till Feb. Fun stuff in there! Here are some new finds. Have a fab day!

20 December 2019

Here we are! The "We're All Ears :: 5th Annual Use Your Leftovers Challenge!"

I haven't participated in a challenge for some time now. Two separate jobs in the education field, in conjunction with my amazing family, has kept me busy! But here goes...
My table. I work in an old bedroom that was my daughter's. Still a bed and some other stuff in there, but mostly mine. I keep my table nice and tidy, for the most part, as I also do school work in there.

I looked at what was there to offer, and starting compiling.

So I grabbed the bead board and started arranging components I thought would go well together. The bottle cap was one of many that I eventually I transformed!

First up sold right away. Coral beads, turquoise drops by HappyFishThings, and little faceted soldered jade bits from CrowCacheSupplies.

Next up was a lovely pair made from dangles by ScorchedEarthonEtsy and poly clay beads by ShipWreckDandySupplies

Here we have a lovely facial expression pair made from the clay beads of FoxPaws, drops of faceted stones and  a little metal bead cap.

Bottle caps! Random shells, pearl and glass beads capped with metal.

More bottle caps adorned with faceted stones beads and poly clay beads by ShipWreckDandySupplies.

This was definitely a fun way to crank out some earrings. I made them swiftly, and with lots of enthusiasm. I hope you enjoyed and don't forget, darlicioushouse is where I reside on etsy. Come visit! xoxo

And enjoy the blog hop from earrings every day.


29 November 2019


All recycled. All available in my shop.
Happy day everyone!

21 October 2018

::Mad About Plaid:: Blog Hop

I've done did it again. 
I decided to do a blog hop earrings challenge. 
This time in plaid! 
Not an easy task but I love a challenge.
See the original post here and go on the hop!

I started by wrapping a wee bit of flannel around a knitting needle and sewing away. Tiny
seed beads and vintage sequins adorn the newly made beads. A cover of glue and ready to go.

I love the thistle caps on top. Makes them cohesive. Plaid and thistles. Yum!

I particularly like how the handmade copper earwires of mine complete the look. 

Thanks for hanging in there with me!