30 January 2016

~playing with fire

torch enameled recycled copper flashing from capital scrap.
played with millefiori , stringers, liquids, and powders. learning a new way to enamel using propane over acetylene. huge learning curve!
these are a gift for a colleague who shares the same birth date as me. crazy. at my small school, two of us were born on groundhog's day. 2 years apart.

i made a chart to record whether i would see my shadow, and the kids voted. they get to take me outside on tuesday and see if their prediction was accurate. they made their choice based on the weather forecast for next week. sweet kids. so much learning going on. fun learning.
did you know a woodchuck and a groundhog are the same animal? we just learned that. more exploration on this animal and its folklore to come.


19 January 2016

~box things of such

enameled folded beer bottle caps. love.

06 January 2016

~on break and creating

hey there peeps. i'm still on break so busy.busy.busy. i made some beauties. they are not in my shops yet, but certainly for sale as they should be. can't keep all the goodies for myself! ;) this is about spreading the love! xoxo