29 December 2013

a scholarship and open shop~

Happy New Year!
as you many of you know, i've been working towards my national boards for professional teaching standards. it has been an exciting experience, well worth it and very telling. i'm not done! not until june. i've been fundraising like mad and didn't want to spend a dime on anything but the boards then, i got a scholarship and a refund! i'm feeling so blessed. so i re-upped etsy now that i can afford it and want to share with you! these are my favs from my jewelry shop and one from my destash shop. what a great christmas present to have the boards paid for and i'm looking forward to a great new year! love to you all. appreciate all of your support! xoxo

bangle stack

antique steel cut beads


13 October 2013

~studio time

hahahahahaha. got a little metal bit from fagins daughter and made it into a pendant. when I photographed it and got a good look at the photo, i noticed something. lol for the recycled art show coming up. beauty scorchedearthonetsy by petra ceramic drop and a bit of silk from kim.
 nectar ipa bottle caps, moonstones and crystals.
 pounded earrings from fagins daughter and numinosity drops.
sam adams october fest and gilded crystals from fagins daughter.
 pounded silver earrings from fagins daughter and numinosity drops.
 rolled bottle caps with numinosity drops.
 uinta bottle caps, stars and numinosity drops.
duvel bottle caps and numinosity drops. damn. could use some more but the lovely gem is on vacation! good for her!
 rolled lagunitas bottle caps with silver fringe.
rolled sam adams with souvenir pennies and petra drops.
as you can see, i've had fun with three of my fav artists. enjoy!

20 September 2013

flood waters~

my buddy crico of the recycled art gallery weasel and fitz...

he wanted rolled bottle cap jewelry for balloon fiesta.

then disaster hit his tiny community. roads were washed away, all of the businesses and most of the homes in this area were flooded. my friend hilary and some of her buddies were washed down stream; in their truck! sad and scary times in the desert as we cannot handle a deluge of water. our ground is too dry to suck it up. it's been challenging. even one of my school communities, Sile, NM is without access. people are still stranded. contact me to help my students.

wanna help madrid, nm? donations are being taken here.

20 July 2013

~hand blown glass vases by gloglass art as part of my National Boards fundraiser

perhaps you'll like for yourself or as a giftie for another? rather expensive in a glass shop but going on ebay inexpensively. they were donated to my fundraiser to help me with my National Boards fee. my buddy George O'Grady of GloGlass Art made them. He makes wonderful beads and marbles as well.
here on ebay

here on ebay

here on ebay too!

should you be able to help me out, i'll also send a handmade piece of mine. just mention that you saw it here so i know to send something special. also, don't forget bloggers get 50% off in both of my shops (links above right on mini's). just type in BLOGGER in the coupon section at checkout! thanks! xoxo

18 July 2013

bottle caps, beads and bike chain~

i was commissioned to make two pieces for a very famous artist. tickled to say the least.
bottle caps from around the world. certain countries were requested. fun to shop for, delicious to drink. bike chain, bottles caps and love. :)

bottle cap feather. bead by gloglass art. bike chain and love.

07 July 2013

loads of new work and a blogger sale~

for your eyes only. lol seriously though. i'm still gathering the cash needed for my national boards that i officially started last Monday. Yippee! soooo, i'm having a blogger sale. if you have seen anything here in any of my posts or sidebars that is not on etsy and you would like it, i'll list it for you and then you get a 50% discount! then anyone who buys from either of my etsy shops will also get a 50% discount just for being here and supporting me. share the word. muh! my shops are here for jewels and here for destash and little gifties. coupon code at checkout is blogger. xoxo
so here is reclaimed tin, a shell flower from kim, gilded bone and copper on a reclaimed chain.
petra drops and connectors with silver leg milagros.
old clay cones, donna millard beads and copper.
scrumptious bangles set found here
more bangles can be seen here.
one more bangle set to be listed soon.

04 July 2013

bottle caps~

I'm obsessed with making bottle cap jewelry this week. happy fourth everyone! xoxo
top notch uinta brewing, moonstones and numinosity glass drops.
lagunitas 'lil sumpin ale, silver chain, numinosity glass drops.
 sierra nevada pale ale, numinosity beads and drops.
lagunitas ipa, cookie tin, silver beads, numinosity drops.
duvel, inlaid bone, petra drops, turquoise.

30 June 2013


i received these gifites when i bought a pair of earrings recently. what a surprise!

so far i've made earrings, a bangle and a few necklaces. xoxo