07 July 2013

loads of new work and a blogger sale~

for your eyes only. lol seriously though. i'm still gathering the cash needed for my national boards that i officially started last Monday. Yippee! soooo, i'm having a blogger sale. if you have seen anything here in any of my posts or sidebars that is not on etsy and you would like it, i'll list it for you and then you get a 50% discount! then anyone who buys from either of my etsy shops will also get a 50% discount just for being here and supporting me. share the word. muh! my shops are here for jewels and here for destash and little gifties. coupon code at checkout is blogger. xoxo
so here is reclaimed tin, a shell flower from kim, gilded bone and copper on a reclaimed chain.
petra drops and connectors with silver leg milagros.
old clay cones, donna millard beads and copper.
scrumptious bangles set found here
more bangles can be seen here.
one more bangle set to be listed soon.


how delightful that you came to visit. i love your kind comments of all shapes and sizes. thank you very much indeed! darlene