28 September 2012

i'm a bit bored so i'm showing off and ruminating.

well, a long time ago i went on a bike ride and found a piece of rosary under an ancient cottonwood tree in a ghost town called waldo, nm. i love both of them (the rosary bits and the town, which consists of a sign and an old cottonwood tree). then i found these little sterling naughty-bit charms in a second hand shop. i added an "o" ring from a bike cog and some reclaimed chain and viola! a naughty bits necklace that i can't wear to school!
see, excitement! as frank mccourt would say.
so, the recycled art show is a month away and i usually make kinda scary but fun little ornaments like this doll. but this doll is not so scary and is kinda in the vein of the colorless that i've been going for and...she's a pin.
 see? a pin here on the back. her name is vera.
so i've decided to make little house instead. this is my prototype. hahahahaha. same cloth as vera,  as you see. sari silk, old cotton, my favorite linen shirt that wore out...lace and a lovely shell button as the attic window. i'm not too fond of it yet and think my stitching needs to be closer to the edges and the door shouldn't be so slanty (but my hubby. tommy house, likes it that way). see, i'm making houses because we're houses! any way. that's what i be up to besides parent teacher conferences and drinking yummy beer and loving the aspens and most important of all, loving my family! cheers y'all!

15 September 2012

putting off till tomorrow...

hehehe. not doing school work today! not once a bag from alchemyshop showed up in the mail. :)
i made a pendant right away and set up some earrings using kim's head pins (on the pendant too!).
while i was in the studio, i spied from my little eye a huge! dead! black widow! that creeped me out to no end. she was just clinging to the wall, no webbing around her, just clinging dead to the stucco. eeeeeewwww! creeped me out. they sometimes build nests in the drawers of my desk. i HATE when that happens.
anyway, i was also recently gifted some osha, so that's drying. gonna tincture it soon. xoxo
random metal stuff with a numinosity headpin.
key hole and thimbles. these just might need to go together.
 a giftie.
little tin with metal stuff. see, i also use what others find! :)
some of the metal bits.
yup! odd metals with battered brass and numinosity head pins. sterling silver ear wires.
osha. only grows here in the rocky mountains. what a find. take that lung grunge!

08 September 2012

feels like forever~

i haven't even looked at my bench much, let alone make something. but today, i made two things and the other day i made one, but forgot to take pics of that. hahaha. so outta shape!
gotta hit the scrap yard for wire and start creating earrings for the recycled art show coming up in November. since i am back to work full time and then some, i need to get cracking when the moments arise.

second grade is going well, but i will never recommended 28 students in one class for the sheer nature that the line in the hallway stretches a mile down the road! otherwise, the kiddos seem to be engaged and learning with some off task behavior, but that goes for the majority of people; off task at one time or another. :)

so, i'm lesson planning and gobbling up all the new areas of expectation (mid school is a far cry from 2nd grade) and getting through all the beginning-of-the-year assessments in reading, writing and math. so far so good.
bringing lots of work home on the weekends. bleh to those haters out there who thinks teachers have it easy. even in the summer i work for no pay on curriculum, lesson planning and research. and then i work on the weekends during the school year. just not enough time in the day i guess.
any who, not complaining, but definitely tired of armchair peeps who think they know better then the professional. la.
so, here's my new work. i really dig the earrings fo sure.
cheers y'all!