15 September 2012

putting off till tomorrow...

hehehe. not doing school work today! not once a bag from alchemyshop showed up in the mail. :)
i made a pendant right away and set up some earrings using kim's head pins (on the pendant too!).
while i was in the studio, i spied from my little eye a huge! dead! black widow! that creeped me out to no end. she was just clinging to the wall, no webbing around her, just clinging dead to the stucco. eeeeeewwww! creeped me out. they sometimes build nests in the drawers of my desk. i HATE when that happens.
anyway, i was also recently gifted some osha, so that's drying. gonna tincture it soon. xoxo
random metal stuff with a numinosity headpin.
key hole and thimbles. these just might need to go together.
 a giftie.
little tin with metal stuff. see, i also use what others find! :)
some of the metal bits.
yup! odd metals with battered brass and numinosity head pins. sterling silver ear wires.
osha. only grows here in the rocky mountains. what a find. take that lung grunge!


  1. Hehe when you said osha I was wondering if it was some kinda resin and you were going to use the spider, then I read furder.
    Loving the brutalised metal.

  2. these pix are so lovely. love your finds but that 1st thing is stunning!

  3. The earrings turned out amazing! great post. whetting our appetites to see what you come up with next, eh?


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