24 August 2014

~follow the yellow brick road

can you believe zozobra is next weekend?! poor giant puppet. burn him, burn him...

04 August 2014

RIP Todd Hansen~

a candy memorial to a dear friend who suddenly left the earth. i've lit a candle, hoisted a lovely glass of red and then made this piece. a day-of-the-dead bottle cap he gave me was transformed into crusty torch enameled candy corn. one of his favs!
we shared a booth every year at the recycled art show as of the last three years and were planning our fourth run as a team. i will so miss my artsy buddy with the sweet tooth! his banners and flags spread the word of transformation through hope, love and peace.
mr. handsome (as so many called him) was an outstanding music teacher, educational leader and political force when it came to taking care of our students. he was eloquent and passionate. fair and loving. this is one of his art pieces. his eternal message. xoxo