12 February 2012

11 February 2012

play today~

frozen charlotte head earrings

arms with tibetan turquoise and composite beads

04 February 2012

forrest and heart health~

my son is fundraising for a jumprope-a-thon he will be participating in at school. here is a link to the heart association if you care to donate in his name. thanks! ♥

pedal pushing fever. the key to sanity~

pedal pushing fever is setting in despite 5 inches of new snow yesterday. i dragged my old 1970's Schwinn pedal bike into the living room so i can spin at will. loud music a must. looking forward to getting out on the trails. my goal? twenty pounds down by April (adjusting my diet has worked well, now the exercise~going home to boston y'all!) and then the goal of 34 miles on single track for my anniversary in July (a re-creation of my wedding ride +17 extra miles). 2 goals seemingly worth it and doable.
bitch cakes is a true inspiration and battles some of my major battles. was inactive (not any more!), drinks beer. my beer is my belly and must be banished! well, not completely for pete's sake. just do the dark rich ones and the yummy home/micro brews in moderation.
my wedding day 6 years ago. i was 150, now 190. got some work to do! rode 17 miles to be wed, with my dress in my camelback, and then rode an historic train back to santa fe for a rolling reception. an amazing day fo' sure.

here's to a lovely day y'all!

02 February 2012

46 today ~

oohhhh. it's my birthday. never thought i'd live to see 46! no work for me today. a tradition to take birthdays off in our family. yippee! celebrating with a delicious irish coffee my husband surprised me with and wondering what other surprises he has in store, as today is a surprise day all day! here's a personal birthday neck piece i made a long time ago.
crocheted wire. antique shell buttons. brushed bike cog.
have a lovely day all!