29 March 2014

~the countdown is on

i've written my entries for the national boards. now i'm editing, rewriting, tweaking and fine tooth combing them and getting all my support documents ready...yikes! even figured out how to use the scanner!

new earrings. yum. this is what the back looks like there to the left.
i'm surprisingly calm considering my deadline is april 23rd. which is during my spring break. when i hit that submit button, i have two days to get ready for the earth day recycled art fair in albuquerque.

~i've started collaging the backs of pendant in-case they flip.
front side
set in one of the most beautiful places in the city. all serene and outdoors. i love outdoor shows! natural light, breathing the fresh air, staying out of the rain under a canopy. lol

little pendant with petra heart.
the first year i did the show, 5 years ago i think, i just set up a table and laid out my wares. now the show has evolved and so have i. i've bought a canopy! lol very elegant! can't wait. off to write, write, write!
red crusty beer cap with petra heart.
here's to happy days, lot's of love and fabulous fun!

16 March 2014

~brooches and i love torching beer bottle caps!

crusty torch enameled beer bottle cap in greens with a petra ceramic drop

i am so digging the beer bottle cap torching with enamels. last night i thought maybe i could show the process as i've grown so much in my enthusiasm & abilities & knowledge. different glass powders & frits melt differently, torch can't be too high or too low, how long to hold the flame, getting flare glasses, which caps are easier to get the plastic off of (which means more beer of that sort), burning off the paint & sanding it before enameling...but i ain't got the time. but i just told you how! kim turned me on to thompson enamel samples & i figured out the rest from trial & error, watching lots of videos (saw the set up, bought the supplies) & reading tutorials. i already had a torch since i used to be a silversmith in another life. just needed mesh pads from the jewelry supply (i use the ones to go in a kiln), a third hand & a metal protective sheet for my bench. i use paper to catch & reuse the frit... 
i've only found one other person doing this so far. where is everyone? anywho, new stock & a new look to my booth is in order when the shows start. xoxo

torch enameled beer bottle cap with a black striped glass bead & ojos!

14 March 2014

~bead soup goodies

i'm doing the latest bead soup as you can see from the right hand ad. 
i find it to be fun & challenging.
 and this week my soup partner Danielle so completely threw me for a loop with an amazing stash, 
so i'll definitely be returning the favor in the form of a finished piece. 
yum! see her blog here.
brass, rubies, vintage glass, agate. 
 got some ideas spinning in the head and getting ready to work them out soon, 
but the boards come first!
lustrous vintage glass pearls. knotting is in order perhaps.
 then today i made a purple pin.
and some components. enjoy!

08 March 2014


 a giftie for a friend who helped out big time with this enameling craze of mine. 
generous beyond belief is that kimberly rogers of numinosity! it'll be in the mail to ya on monday my dear.
then today, as I was working on my boards, i stopped to make this one as i was horrified at my recent video. this fit the mood perfectly. scorchedearthonetsy scream, crusty beer bottle cap slice. pretty beads. love.