17 April 2012

~i made something from stuff

swap box #2 arrived yesterday. what fun! this one was a shadow box swap where one sends it (in this case shipwreck dandy) out to another person who takes what they want, refills and mails it off again. and so it goes. then it came to me after i think 6 other people. what an interesting mix of components! so, i grabbed up a bunch of new yummies and threw in some goodies and it's off to the last person before it gets back to the original sender. its been fun.

so, i made this necklace completely from items in the box. ~polymer clay mermaid tail, shell buckle, faux pearls, assorted beads, apricot pit and a piece of metal.

have a lovely evening!

13 April 2012

~singletrack bracelets

 recycled bike chain bracelets. hand formed and hammered sterling silver clasp. <3

12 April 2012

~getting down to business and a swap envelope

just arrived home after 6 days in massachusetts. yup, where i'm from. got ta go to the beach a few times and eat LOTS of seafood. my fam was fun to hang with but i missed my home, my sweetie pies and my bench. when i arrived i found a wonderful package waiting for me full of yummy materials to create with (thank you dear melinda). all part of the materials swap going on over at fancifuldevices forum. so, today i scoured the goodies and created a few pieces. delicious fun. i have a recycled show on the 21st so i think lot's of scrumptious bike part earrings and other pedal pushing fun is in store.
enjoy your day!

 the beginnings
 assorted goodies and bike chain links
bike chain links, unknown objects and recycled silk
 also bike chain links, unknown objects and recycled silk.
 crushed and tumbled bottle caps, crystals, mossy wax and glitter
rejuvenated bangle bracelet with a ceramic bee, ceramic fish, little rose with rose quartz too.
bike chain links with hand-formed dichroic glass pendant.

~all made with love~