17 February 2014

15 February 2014

~more goodies

enameled bottle cap earrings with petra drops. 
the crusty bits are my favs so far. all ready for you to create with. i pre-hammer
(with my lovely ancient awl) random holes for your dangly bits.
 i then file and re-hammer for that fresh and smooth cleanly-shaven-like feel. 
i call em slices
some more slices
green and blue arcs. hard to make the arch. very rustic for sure
pretty colors! the sample box of enamels came with sooooo many colors! i'm slowly
trying them by randomly grabbing a bag and going for it. fun fun
blue and black
purple and blue
pink and ochre.

all available at my junk drawer shop.
have an extremely lovely day full of love, adventure and respite.

11 February 2014

~enameled beer bottle caps. yum.

these will go in the destash shop later for others to create with. 
i learned so much doing this!

            like for instance, not to flame the enamel from the top. just go and glow steady from underneath.

and to lay the enamel on thick. not a puny dusting.
AND, not to burn off the paint first. just lay on the powder and go!

these i flamed from the top in black and then did again a second time in pink. love them!
 then make sure you like the color match.
 hammering and deciding on how to cut them is a bit time consuming but worth it. 
look at 'em! i'd say a success for sure.
and the shape. oh the shape. I HATE these round ones, but my family loves their rotund nature. lol 
gotta do some more enameling and get better at it. 
ohhh, i'm in love with melting glass again!
love, love.

05 February 2014


here should you be inclined. xoxo

02 February 2014

~lovey for my birthday

made with love for valentines. scorchedearthonetsy hearts, sari silk, hammered copper. yummy hoops. xoxo

01 February 2014

~junk-drawer-and-then-some destash in the shop today

 the above four photos are one lot. goodies from friends all over the place. xoxo

the last four photos are one lot as well. also goodies from all over the loving place! xoxo