21 November 2012

hangover and trash fashion~

 oi! too much really yummy snow day by new belgium brewery. silly girl.
 some new work.
 five days off.
maybe some more jewelry in my future. xoxo

11 November 2012

first snow today~

Vatos Locals by local artist Arthur Lopez as seen in this weeks Pasatiempo. this represents the tri-cultures of Nuevo Mexico. just had to share!
i did list some new items today. some are actually not new to me, but new to etsy. thought i'd try to fill my shop in hopes of paying off the hospital bills. <3

it is cool, crisp and wintery here today. just loving it. got the fire going and all the fam gathered around it. bonnie doing homework, forrest playing stupid zombies, tommy working on his bike and me playing on the computer. have a stunning day all!

09 November 2012

weasel and fitz gallery~

all my tin earrings and a bunch of other goodies will be delivered to the only all recycled art gallery in New Mexico.

my friend crico runs weasel & fitz and he is an amazing soul. he has gifted me many cool antique porcelain doll arms that i just love. he is giving and generous. i gifted him back of course. sweet thing that he is.

it is such a fun and funky place and i have written about w&f before

i recently relieved them of all of my work so i could have stock for the recycled art show (as did many artists~yikes!)

so i'm off to fill it up again.

imma gonna show you some of the offerings at the gallery 'cause the creativity is so cool!

but first some words of wisdom from a new beer outta utah

and an old necklace of mine going up on etsy today. now for the feast...

Kenny Chavez
Mitch Berg
Kathleen O'Neil
Goldie Garcia
Lane Patterson
fun fun fun. can't wait to see crico!

02 November 2012


today begins my three day weekend of art fun (my 9th non-consecutive year) at the Santa Fe Recycled Art Show. artists from around the country come to our small city and show their trashy best. it is an amazing feast for the eyes and such an eye opening experience to see what we really can do with castoffs. plastic bags, bike chain, old jewelry bits, cutting room floor scraps, paper bags, newspaper, found metal objects from along the river banks, bottle glass...all those bottle caps from the beers and bars...the metal from cars stuck in the arroyos or at the junker...the list of components is as amazing as the creativity.
buyers also come from all over the country. this show has really turned some heads and people come to shop, explore and get ideas.
children (young and old) come for the trashy make-and-take. always inspiring to see what a young artist has created from the scraps of life. you should see their proud faces! many of our local industries drop off cuttings or misprints that would go into the trash and the kids eat it up. my eliza gave me a bucket full of pop top tops. those will go in the make and take. a large eerie canopy that is ripped will also go in for the cutting and altering. seriously, this show is awesome!
tonight is the fashion show. i have seen this show go from three items to hundreds of extremely brilliant creations that are sought after by collectors. the founder of trash fashion in our neck of the woods, nancy judd, is an awesome force commissioned repeatedly by company's to showcase their efforts through fashion. unbelievable!
here are her 2009 garments made from the voting brochures, pamphlets and other obama ~get out the vote~ materials that would have been tossed after the election for which she worked. the jacket is all handwoven, cut and sewn from paper. it is now in the Smithsonian.

my buddy rick makes amazing artwork from scrap paper and plastic bags. he molds it, folds it, crushes, scrunches and holds it steady with a mix of materials to create beautiful artwork. his work is on display at pasqual's if your in town and the show isn't. he was even once commissioned to do a whole wedding with his paper and plastic bag flower creations. truly a deary.
here's to a trashy weekend of glorious righteous fun! cheers y'all.