09 November 2012

weasel and fitz gallery~

all my tin earrings and a bunch of other goodies will be delivered to the only all recycled art gallery in New Mexico.

my friend crico runs weasel & fitz and he is an amazing soul. he has gifted me many cool antique porcelain doll arms that i just love. he is giving and generous. i gifted him back of course. sweet thing that he is.

it is such a fun and funky place and i have written about w&f before

i recently relieved them of all of my work so i could have stock for the recycled art show (as did many artists~yikes!)

so i'm off to fill it up again.

imma gonna show you some of the offerings at the gallery 'cause the creativity is so cool!

but first some words of wisdom from a new beer outta utah

and an old necklace of mine going up on etsy today. now for the feast...

Kenny Chavez
Mitch Berg
Kathleen O'Neil
Goldie Garcia
Lane Patterson
fun fun fun. can't wait to see crico!

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