31 May 2012

~shadow box challenges

ah, the third shadow box arrived brimming with luscious goodies and the contents continue to challenge and delight. here, a knotted choker of color, color color from ~shipwreckdandy~ a serious departure from my norm i feel this piece is.

then some earrings made with criffles ~numinosity beads~ sporting polymer clay beads from the box.

more box beads. the red ones came along with the wire touch already added. so i paired them with yummy pink glass. it's nice that many of the gals who added to the box added in twos.

and finally a large turquoise bead from box number one found a home at the bottom of this necklace. eeee, this took me some time as i chain connected vintage glass beads. unusual mixture of texture. cool to the touch.

23 May 2012


i made the necklaces somewhere around 15 years ago. mine, all mine! muhahaha!
the big button i made from apricot wood. the boar teeth my father-in-law gave me and then there be some assorted bone and glass and brass beads. the earrings i made today with tumbled and polished peach pits. cast silver skulls. fun, fun.

19 May 2012

brushed brass pillow beads~

not sure where they came from. they were in a SWAP BOX that arrived on my door step. they were raw and unfinished. a bit messy looking, so i brushed them up. boy did they come out pretty! so i added them to a hand knotted pearl strand and hung some yummies from it. the yummies can be removed, so two neck pieces in one!
the other necklace has grab bag goodies too. this really has been so much fun! loven' the gas key. :)

13 May 2012

~thunder storms

it's a rainy weekend and welcomed at that. <3