23 May 2012


i made the necklaces somewhere around 15 years ago. mine, all mine! muhahaha!
the big button i made from apricot wood. the boar teeth my father-in-law gave me and then there be some assorted bone and glass and brass beads. the earrings i made today with tumbled and polished peach pits. cast silver skulls. fun, fun.


  1. I actually made a comment here yesterday and got away from the page before auto captcha showed up and it whisked my comment away.
    It was on the lines of no wonder you kept then for themselves and some highly poignant commentary on your photography.
    Also there's this that I wanted to shoot at you but since you're a no reply blogger I'm putting it here-
    I meant to link your can -can legs in a post. Maybe you can email me the image so I can can put them in the next post if that's alright with you of course!
    xoxo Kim

    1. hey there! what's a no-reply blogger? hmmm. have i been neglectful somehow? any way, i'll send you the photo.love my new criffles! <3


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