11 February 2014

~enameled beer bottle caps. yum.

these will go in the destash shop later for others to create with. 
i learned so much doing this!

            like for instance, not to flame the enamel from the top. just go and glow steady from underneath.

and to lay the enamel on thick. not a puny dusting.
AND, not to burn off the paint first. just lay on the powder and go!

these i flamed from the top in black and then did again a second time in pink. love them!
 then make sure you like the color match.
 hammering and deciding on how to cut them is a bit time consuming but worth it. 
look at 'em! i'd say a success for sure.
and the shape. oh the shape. I HATE these round ones, but my family loves their rotund nature. lol 
gotta do some more enameling and get better at it. 
ohhh, i'm in love with melting glass again!
love, love.


  1. Looks like you're having fun. I imagine that metal is rather tender and persnickety compared to thicker copper. My favorite pieces are the green stockings.

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    2. thanks kim! having fun and the steel from the caps seems pretty strong. definitely lightweight!

  2. i loooove the colours in the first one. But yeah i'd be careful with making it too thick. Thick enamel on aluminum tends to snap off after a while because the metal and the glass expand and contract at different times.It does that to copper metal too. They tend to do front and back on both sides of the metal when you do it on thin copper or it won't last. Keep experimenting and having fun. the colours are great! :D

    1. thanks for the advice! no, not too thick on the steel caps. did a lot of research to make sure it would work. fingers crossed! <3

    2. oh good!! glad it's great. was just sharing because a few of mine popped and it's so frustrating to make something pretty, leave it alone and wake up to cracks.
      but you'll be fine. looking forward to seeing more :D

    3. i appreciate all the sharing! most of them (i've done a bunch more) are off to Germany now. i did make a pair of earrings and even after manipulating the cap, it all went well. gonna show them off today. <3


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