08 September 2012

feels like forever~

i haven't even looked at my bench much, let alone make something. but today, i made two things and the other day i made one, but forgot to take pics of that. hahaha. so outta shape!
gotta hit the scrap yard for wire and start creating earrings for the recycled art show coming up in November. since i am back to work full time and then some, i need to get cracking when the moments arise.

second grade is going well, but i will never recommended 28 students in one class for the sheer nature that the line in the hallway stretches a mile down the road! otherwise, the kiddos seem to be engaged and learning with some off task behavior, but that goes for the majority of people; off task at one time or another. :)

so, i'm lesson planning and gobbling up all the new areas of expectation (mid school is a far cry from 2nd grade) and getting through all the beginning-of-the-year assessments in reading, writing and math. so far so good.
bringing lots of work home on the weekends. bleh to those haters out there who thinks teachers have it easy. even in the summer i work for no pay on curriculum, lesson planning and research. and then i work on the weekends during the school year. just not enough time in the day i guess.
any who, not complaining, but definitely tired of armchair peeps who think they know better then the professional. la.
so, here's my new work. i really dig the earrings fo sure.
cheers y'all!


  1. Good to hear that work-work is going well. Teachers have the same workload here in Oz including the 'armchair experts'- it's probably worldwide
    Earrings are great. Love the juxtaposition between calm and soothing and the edgy skull element.

  2. All the noise over the Chicago teachers, and I want to say something: they are in schools where it is risky to be in the classroom. We all more than having a crucial issue turned into hypocritical partisan debate. If we put our money in the most important place and paid people according to the importance of their work, teachers wouldn't need to strike. So, you go girl, my hat's off to you. And besides that, I love your artwork, too!


how delightful that you came to visit. i love your kind comments of all shapes and sizes. thank you very much indeed! darlene