28 September 2012

i'm a bit bored so i'm showing off and ruminating.

well, a long time ago i went on a bike ride and found a piece of rosary under an ancient cottonwood tree in a ghost town called waldo, nm. i love both of them (the rosary bits and the town, which consists of a sign and an old cottonwood tree). then i found these little sterling naughty-bit charms in a second hand shop. i added an "o" ring from a bike cog and some reclaimed chain and viola! a naughty bits necklace that i can't wear to school!
see, excitement! as frank mccourt would say.
so, the recycled art show is a month away and i usually make kinda scary but fun little ornaments like this doll. but this doll is not so scary and is kinda in the vein of the colorless that i've been going for and...she's a pin.
 see? a pin here on the back. her name is vera.
so i've decided to make little house instead. this is my prototype. hahahahaha. same cloth as vera,  as you see. sari silk, old cotton, my favorite linen shirt that wore out...lace and a lovely shell button as the attic window. i'm not too fond of it yet and think my stitching needs to be closer to the edges and the door shouldn't be so slanty (but my hubby. tommy house, likes it that way). see, i'm making houses because we're houses! any way. that's what i be up to besides parent teacher conferences and drinking yummy beer and loving the aspens and most important of all, loving my family! cheers y'all!


  1. I love the naughty bit charm/rosary - that's fabulous! xoxo Juliette

  2. lol the necklace is great fun!


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