13 October 2013

~studio time

hahahahahaha. got a little metal bit from fagins daughter and made it into a pendant. when I photographed it and got a good look at the photo, i noticed something. lol for the recycled art show coming up. beauty scorchedearthonetsy by petra ceramic drop and a bit of silk from kim.
 nectar ipa bottle caps, moonstones and crystals.
 pounded earrings from fagins daughter and numinosity drops.
sam adams october fest and gilded crystals from fagins daughter.
 pounded silver earrings from fagins daughter and numinosity drops.
 rolled bottle caps with numinosity drops.
 uinta bottle caps, stars and numinosity drops.
duvel bottle caps and numinosity drops. damn. could use some more but the lovely gem is on vacation! good for her!
 rolled lagunitas bottle caps with silver fringe.
rolled sam adams with souvenir pennies and petra drops.
as you can see, i've had fun with three of my fav artists. enjoy!


  1. Yay you used bits from me! I love seeing people use my destashing, it's remarkable what comes of it. Pounded metal goes so well with Kim's drops.


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