06 June 2015


i've been doing acupuncture to help with the headaches. what a wonderful way to spend about 30 minutes, relaxing with needles protruding from all over the place! i'm loving it. we have a community acupuncture program where everyone reclines together in the same room and the doc just goes around the circle pinning and tweaking and then letting you be. very soothing for sure. it is a sliding scale so very affordable at $15 a visit.
brilliant orange love
i'm feeling so much better with this treatment and lots of rest that i've taken on a huge project (on top of my masters-glad i have another week off). i'm redoing all the photos in one of my etsy shops. i found them to be too dark and varied. so i'm brightening up the place with new photos and some consistency. so, almost all of my listings are hidden until they rise to the surface and see the light.
have a great day all!
mish mosh

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