02 June 2015

feeling bettah~

i am feeling a bit more normal yet still foggy as all get out. how can that be?! headaches have mostly subsided and fatigue is less so i consider this a boon! i am off work for a week. docs orders, so i made a few crazy items to tickle your way-out-there fancy!
vintage faux pearl chain made by moi, ceramic ET by donnaperlinplim, ceramic connector by Happy Fish Things, a beauty glass head pin by Numinosity Beads by Kimberly Rogers and a wonderful hand-wrought steel clasp by prisiclla moore of yesdearsister.
this is a fun one peeps and full of love! xoxo

crazy love earrings today. i haven't been able to focus for so long it seems, thus grateful to be on the mend. i made serious statement earrings to celebrate! double disc earrings with RaggedRobyn and more happyfishthings ceramic beads. greens, blues, purples. xoxo


  1. Oh I hope u feel better! The ET necklace is beyond amazing- how do you have ET on a rustic tile? Proly made it, hu? Amazing!

    1. thank you! i put the details up. donnaperlinplim made the ceramic et. very cool!

  2. Bravo D! I, too, love the ET necklace.
    Keep resting and getting better!


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