30 May 2013

mannequin hand yum and numinosity beads~

ooh. i love the hand that arrived today! so much better than the vintage soda pop bottle i was using for bracelet photographs. i found this on etsy at Cynthia's shop beatnheartVintage. thanks Cynthia! not meant to be a stack but could be. if you do not snatch these up, they go to a consignment shop tomorrow. so much history and so much fun. petra's dangles of eggish and fingerling styles on the small one.
this one is a spectacle to behold. mostly antique shell buttons with a couple of shell buckles, an antique salt shaker top that is inlaid with shell and a bunch of other goodies. i loved making this one!
then some numinosity headpins arrived! kim is awesome and i love her work. i also love, love, love lagunitas brewing company and their ~a little sumpin' sumpin'~ ale so showed off some green bottle caps with the purple spears.
in the end come some peachy spears with antique shell button fringe. yum.

have a great day everyone!


  1. I knew you couldn't stop making jewelry. ;) I'm so jealous over that hand! I've been looking for one.
    Cool! Cool bracelets too. Very cool.

    1. i know huh!? i should be reading and researching not making pretty things, but i only have a few days off before summer camp so i thought i take it for me. your kind comments are the best!

  2. I gotta hand it to you, good work and glad your summer of creating is off to a great start!

    1. eep! i should be studying, but something got a hold of me.


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