07 June 2013

mumford and sons~

super tired! went to taos to see mumford and sons last night. what an adventure! taos is about an hour and a half away. so gotta drive. good there. then, as we round the horse shoe~shit~is that a massive thunderhead? yup. we manage to get a shuttle downtown before the hail and lighting and downpour. we did what we thought best; we looked for a pub. after some scouting, tommy found one that wasn't packed and we tucked into some food and beverages. not so good. we won't go back, but grateful for the roof and friends. so, the rain eventually stopped and we were on our way. that's when we saw the line. on the sidewalk. a huge line. so we walked to see what was going on and it was the line to get into the show! we backtracked to the end (after being bitched out by some supper stressed girl) more than half a mile away so had to make another decision. stay in line or find another pub. yup. find another pub to sit in and just wait it out was decided. we be so smart!
sure enough, after a libation or two, we were back on the street with a tiny little line and into the show. my ticket wouldn't scan and the guy swore, thrust it back at me and said ~just go!~ me be lucky. tommy not so, his wouldn't scan and they made him go to will call to get a replacement. luckily they gave him one.
in we go. the show had been delayed more than an hour due to the thunderstorm (to be expected) and it was dark and the lights were pretty and the trees were all decorated and the air smelled of foul skunk weed and the stars twinkled overhead. some people were a bit over the top and some had too much to drink and some had their kids and some had their moms and dads and friends and stuff. it was cool.
the guys in the band played for almost two hours and did not disappoint. energy! oh my gosh so much passion and energy! twas a lovely evening despite my anxiety over the crowd of 8,000. not used to crowds donchaknow? la! it was a great night with great friends.
 i've been reading a book called ~the secret life of pronouns~.

~What our Words Say About us:

The smallest, most commonly used, most forgettable words serve as windows into our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. The ways people use pronouns, articles, and other everyday words are linked to their personality, honesty, social skills, and intentions.~ secretlifeofpronouns

what a read! it is fascinating, but i am still a bit lost in it all. i suspect it will come together the further i get. :)

at one stressed point last night, my lovely social working friend said, let's think of this as an adventure and it reminded me of something! charlie the unicorn. ~it's an adventure charlie!~ here goes charlie, though a bit odd at the end. hmmm. enjoy your day all!


  1. That sounds like some crazy bit you had to go through. Glad it was worth it in the end. Loving that bit of funkness that's coming out of your studio.

    1. it was a bit crazy but you know what? i thought taos only had a few police officers and some volunteer firefighters. come to find out they have massive amounts of police officers and tons of full time firefighters. good on them for being so kind and cute! very patient, very nice and so adorable. just little ones they were. now, i'm getting old! que viva!


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