17 May 2013

~fun from bonnie

a pin from the box my bonnie girl just came home with from her dad's place. just outta the blue she said she had cleaned her room and found stuff i might be able to use. too sweet! here's what it contained! wow! she's got my heart in more ways than one.
 back 'o pin
10-10 earrings with old rusty tin backs and collage under glass. LOTS of gold glitter. i think i'll create some copper ear wires for them and wear these babies!
 a key and little bottle. what was in that teenie bottle is anyone's guess. avon?
 santy. with a blue bird.
 a glass box full of huge clam shells and beach glass.
 assorted yummy stuff to recreate.
 shells, pearls and beads.
 some essential oils that are all grungy.
 a box! a round box!
with beads. turquoise, pearl and amber as matter of fact. i remember giving these to her when she was young.
 and Eiffel Tower stamp.
and the best part? a bunch of shells threaded on a broken ear bud wire. she's the best! my girl is amazing and carries so much light. thanks sweetie for the gifties!


how delightful that you came to visit. i love your kind comments of all shapes and sizes. thank you very much indeed! darlene