31 March 2012

~recycled steel with glass

making blueberry muffins. you? of course this was after the bike swap where i sold my favorite pair of earrings eva and then home to the hubby who was mopping the floors and making kabobs. he's feeling betta and like most of us who were sick and then felt betta, he went over board. cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, planting the f@#king garden! sheesh. he needs to rest now.
so. i made this choker from a funky piece of glass on found wire from numinositybeads. purple seed beads, olive head pins (from kim as well), old metal beads from far away, sterling silver and a piece of silk (from the packaging that kim sent). so, this weekend was a numinosity weekend for sure. some day. i'll be able to afford more of her yummy work! until then, enjoy!

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  1. There's the model, That's so cool to see how you used those pieces. "A numinosity weekend" I love it. I am having one too of course trying out some new colors and then a crazy new bead press arrived at the end of my torch session today. it's got ridges! First beads are totally imperfect and wonky but that's what we love right?
    xoxo Kim


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