26 June 2012

numinosity and challenges~

my love love tommy just came home and said ~that ones a keeper~ as i was about to post it. so, imma not gonna post it 'cause i think he's right and i kinda felt it as well anyway. it's just so pretty that i wanted to share! so here is a glass numinosity bead with yummy amber chips, a long ceramic bead, lace trim and white glass seed beads. it is a keeper and one-of-a-kind. thanks kim! <3

but i digress. i have been posting about challenges, one of which i blew today by having red chile cheese fries! ah, the shame of it! ok, another ten days on the real food challenge it is to make up for that flatooey. blech. but, it was going real well till my meltdown today, so I was thinking of upping it to the 100 days if i can keep my cravings at bay. ;) seriously, last night i used my grammas recipe for egg noodles and substituted whole wheat for white flour and they were awesome! even picky little dude ate them without question and both kids asked for them again. with the noodles we had pesto made from the basil we grow and then pickled peppers and green beans from last years crop. what a meal! i can deal with this. i think i can continue this challenge with the caveat not to cave to cravings.

then the homegrown challenge is going well too. 30 days of locally purchased products. even found a place to get gas. *big smile*

the real challenge of course is staying creative as the stash dwindles and the cash is not available to re-stash. i'm a teacher and it's summer. gotta be careful, but this is when i am most productive as the rest of the year i am full fledged teacher! sooo, in drops a box of yummy goodness from kim at numinosity beads to keep me going. i made some stuff (like the necklace above) and intend to make some more for sure. i'll get her back, no worries on that! thanks kim. cheers y'all!


  1. Nice to see you put some of that to immediate use! No need for it to languish in the deep recesses of my burgeoning stash. I'm glad you're keeping that necklace too and you can revitalize the amber against your skin.
    Those crystal ones....ooh yeah!
    I do pretty well all day with the food program and then in the evening the old chips or popcorn urge kicks in. Trying to substitute with crisp dulse or kimchee but still... I do cave in from time to time.

    1. thank you. thank you. thank you. it has been fun putting the pieces together. <3 today is a new day and i'll keep the cravings at bay! you seem to have it together. great source of inspiration. how was the salmon? wow. local, fresh caught. yum!


how delightful that you came to visit. i love your kind comments of all shapes and sizes. thank you very much indeed! darlene