05 June 2012

~half off in my etsy shop

yup. that's right. i am offering all of my current jewelry at a 50% discount as i re-invent myself.
it's just that time and I'm crazy, so i get to!
as i take on a new job (teaching 2nd grade as opposed to middle school), dye my hair and start a new body of work i am selling out on etsy! my dream has been to make all of my recycled art in white/creamy tones. dunno why, but i'm really liking what i'm making, so...
coupon code at checkout is halfoff. see something here in any of my posts that is not on etsy? i'll list it just for you then you use the code. :)
enjoy the day my dears. <3

here's some more work just back from an art opening. not on etsy but still for sale. :)
 watch maker vials, glitter and lavender. sterling silver.
 christmas light bulbs, vintage beads, bullet casings. sterling silver.
 shell from an old bracelet, grab bag beads, steel. surgical earwires.
 hand-rolled paper beads, Tibetan turquoise, bullet casings. sterling silver
antique shell buttons, chain, dragonfly's, vintage faux pearls. sterling silver. surgical steel.

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  1. Good luck with your reinvention, it's a great thing to do as it keeps your ideas fresh. I've done it once and I will probably do it again at some time.


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