18 June 2012

~10 days of real food and new jewelry too!

a friend was telling me about the 100 days of real food challenge and it sounded good. i needed to cleanse a bit. too many chili cheese fries these days. so i checked it out. i went ahead and did the 10 day pledge and hoped my family would hop on board. my little one, who said he wanted to be a foodie 
~what's that sweetie?~ i asked.  ~it's a person who tries new food~ he said
so i thought,
well, he's struggling and won't give up his nose dogs (hot dogs that he was told were made out of noses).
so, slowly i will get him on board.
tom's cool with it, so that's helpful to have an ally.
i'm on day four and it's been great! i'm not missing the eating out, which i thought i would, and i feel good too. so far we are eating really well. home made seafood chowder, steak and potatoes, lot's of oats, whole wheat brownies, fruits and veggies, quinoa salad, chicken satay, smoked salmon spread on whole wheat crackers, homemade granola on yogurt...tomorrow i'm making a lamb stew from local lamb. the only challenge is getting the local or wild caught meat/fish/poultry and we are using what we have at the moment (so not completely in the rules of the challenge, but not throwing away the food, i will just replace it once it's gone with the good stuff).
i don't know why it took a challenge to change my eating habits. i've known for forever that we should eat a certain way for sustainability, but liked eating out too much and fell to the whims of my family. not any more! it's been fun looking for new recipes and challenging looking for ~less than five ingredients~ but the thrill of the hunt takes over and it turns out to be a fun challenge instead of a restraining one.
hell, if i can get through six more days, i'll go for the hundred and then try to work the budget idea in as well. $125 a week for a family of four. we'll see.
cheers y'all!

new work on etsy today. :)


  1. I guess I'm right along there with you now that my husband is away. My diet changes even more when he's not around.
    yesterday I had juiced up carrots and beets and had a lunch of kimchee
    ( my own) and sprouts and had tempeh spinach and some crumbled bleu cheese for dinner.
    Maine dulse crisped up for a snack and some dark chocolate to balance me out.... plus i had to finish the bag of fritos hahah!

    It's much harder with a whole family to feed I know. My husband will live on pickles crackers and cheese left to his own devices.

    I heard we got some fresh salmon coming our way now yee haw!

    1. mmm. yummy. fresh salmon! bet that is a treat.


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