14 June 2012

~loving a trade

i sent out a lovely box of colorful beads to shipwreckdandy and in return i get a box full of latte, ivory, cream, nougat, taupe...thank you, thank you, thank you! i am truly enjoying the new look and so it seems are my customers as i have been selling well. funny. most of the sales come from posting photos on my facebook page, but, etsy is up in views and favorites as well. made some more goodies this morning and late last night. fun, fun for me. today: swimming and the orthodontist after the jewelry supply. you?

bike part earrings with numinosity drops and sari silk.
bike part necklace with shells and milk glass buttons. a piece of aluminum showed up from latvia via the alchemy shop. it has pretty designs and a little ~pitting~ as if it had been dissolved a bit.
here it is full up.
more from numinosity. a lovely little giftie that i truly adore: recycled copper with flecks of enamel.
and lastly, myrrh beads with inlaid bone and african trade milk glass drops.

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