17 June 2017


Earrings Everyday posted a little firefly challenge and here are the finished pieces thus far on their reveal post. I'll be adding too as I love a little challenge ~
So I made nighttime rendition of fireflies!
All torch enameled recycled copper scrap with buggin' decals.
I use copper from old viga covers so truly recycled earrings but this time, I just grabbed my scrap and went with their random sizes. As a result, one was much longer than the other so I added a little chain with a ceramic bead to the shorter of the two.
These are truly asymmetrical and can be found here with my other enameled
jewelry, and artisan components for you to makeymake with.
Happy creating!


  1. I'm not sure what Viga covers are but you made some interesting earrings with them. I like the way you balanced the sizes with the large bead

  2. Bug decals are brilliant! You made some cute earrings.

  3. What a great pair of earrings! I love that they are asymmetrical and so whimsical. Thanks for joining in the fun! Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. I really like how you worked with the asymmetry here! Cute and fun!

  5. Oh, these are wonderful! I love how you 'fixed' one being shorter than the other. It worked out perfectly.


how delightful that you came to visit. i love your kind comments of all shapes and sizes. thank you very much indeed! darlene