12 January 2014

~new today

smashed bottle caps, clay nails from petra. gilding


  1. LOVE your bottlecaps! I have been meaning to work with them again. What is your method of getting that dreadful under-plastic crud off?

    1. hi richelle! i pound the heck outta them and then use pliers to pry off the plastic bit on the back. then using my foredom and a sand paper wheel, i sand the back down. then scrap any leftover plastic off with my finger nail. very modern! xoxo

    2. Interesting--I didn't even think of messing them up before attempting the peel. Elsewhere heat was mentioned, but I like the hammering-first idea better. Thanks! Also--I really miss Uinta brews and this inspired me to see if they had a product locator at their site; they do, but they do not have products close to me. I already knew that, dammit. Closest is 80.4 miles from me, but the good news it's a place called "Beer Universe." Sounds promising...

    3. i worry about heat because its plastic. yuk on the lungs. mmm. beer universe. yum!


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