03 January 2014


so. in working hard on my boards i shifted gears on one of the entries and wrote about a different lesson. then, bam, i realized i should go back to the original one i started. thanks goodness i learned my lesson to save everything. EVERYTHING. oops. sorry for yelling, but, seriously. i save everything now. i save it on my computer. i save it to the cloud. i send it to my home and school emails. i save it to a thumb drive. never again will i loose my data. my entries. my goals. even drafts that i'm not sure about i save in all forms. i think i'm covered. there was a news story here about two years ago where a women had her whole dissertation on her computer and it was stolen. she hadn't backed it up. i should've taken notice! i think i've got it now. but! i do not back up my photos. i should learn to be as thorough with that as i am with the boards. but i figure they are here. and on fb. or sent to family, etc. but i should be backing them up too. baby steps i guess. anywho, sometimes i hit a wall when writing and kim, of numinosity fame, suggested i go make jewelry. so. every day i've gone in to the studio and day 1 i cleaned. the next day i made something. the next day i made something else. see? blister pearls from kim and crazy assorted beads from fagins daughter.
and then today, i drew something. it's really helping. that and getting out with the hubby. he needs it. he had a bad snowboarding accident and did some damage. they tried to sew his calf back together but it didn't take. skin graft is next. poor thing. won't even eat his chocolate. afraid he'll get fat because he can't exercise. so. we get out and check mail and go to the bank and go for a beer (though now i'm off beer while supporting my daughter whose on a new diet for intestinal stuff). she's a trooper. i miss my beer, but got my gin. hear that petra?  lol
thanks for being there you wicked awesome peeps. your inspiration is motivating and invigorating! xoxo


  1. I'm glad you're gaining some solace through some jewelry making. You certainly do have a lot going on. The gin cure is also one I might be tempted to employ in your situation. Wishing Tom some good healing light and skin regeneration.Thinking of you!

    1. thank you my dear! love our long distance friendship. xoxo

  2. You busy woman, you! I read your blog all the time but haven't been writing to my friends lately, something I aim to change. :) Cheers to the gin, yeah!! xoxoxoxo


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