26 January 2014

~more goodies

only cried a little this morning at the overwhelming nature of the boards so, i uploaded some jewelry i have made but never posted and then thought.thought.thought. and now i can tackle the edits on entry 2. this journey is so hard but so worth it! i already feel i have looked at my profession and career in a different light and it has made me more reflective and pro-active. i even wrote the secretary of education about the bogus eval system she has put in place. i was very nice about it, but really, i'm being graded (yes, i get a grade) on my students ability to test (50% of my eval is tied to a test). when students are not in school or the community is transient, one cannot expect them to do very well. i can only do so much to educate them and the students need to be in school for that to happen. many parents need to do more, but many won't. i am graded on their habits and behaviors. bogus. oh well, i will prevail. cheers! xoxo
new bottle caps
vintage crystals and glass buttons

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