19 January 2013

three day weekend~for the love of pete!

yup. got myself a three day weekend and endless possibilities. dreamt of so many over night. get together with girlfriends and cook a meal. walk to the pub and have a drink. do nothing! make jewelry...gosh. bet i could think of a million more things before lesson planning on monday. ;)
last night and this a.m. i decided on jewelry. three pieces done by 8:30. now photographed and ready for viewing. i'd put in a photo of my workspace (like pipnmolly suggested), but it's the back porch and it's so COLD that i haven't been working out there, just grabbing supplies and coming inside 'cept for the hammering. gotta do that on the porch.
the porch does have an enclosure, but at 1 degree, not very inviting. xoxo although this week, during the day, they say 50's. woah. way far cry from the 0's and teen's. cool! but hubs is mad 'cause he wants snow and i don't blame him. in the desert southwest, all the snow-pack we can get will help crops and animals (including the ~humans~) to survive. anyway.

i recently decided on a few career moves at school. career moves. lol. i'm going to mentor a few kiddos (along with providing the morning club, after school tutoring two days a week, art one day a week and board games on another) AND be the snowboard-sponsoring-teacher. so, for 5 friday's, i will strap a board to my feet after hiking up the bunny slope, and board down with a bunch of teenagers. i figure hey, the kids need comic relief and i can provide that! so, i be busy and it's all good fun.

i hope to see some sewing happening in monster art this coming week. the kids have been drawing, making patterns, picking out fabric and starting to pin and cut. i'll do a whole post on the steps when they are complete. these are plush monsters, so the kids are psyched to make their own monster pillows! most of the class of 17 are boys from grade 3-6. they are more excited than the girls! stereotypes be damned!

cheers y'all!

worm exoskeleton from the sea. sari silk and antique shell buttons. thanks kim xoxo

paper wrapped and sealed vintage belt buckle, sari silk, antique shell buttons, scorchedearthonetsy ceramic dove, sundries
smooshed bottles caps, reclaimed chain, rhinestones, clay roses. love.


  1. Nice use of sea worm and bottle caps. You are full of energy. Try not to break anything snowboarding.

  2. Sea worms! I got some, too - can't wait to try something. Love what you did with yours! Stay warm, and have fun in the snow! xoxo

    1. can't wait to see what you do with them! xoxo


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