05 January 2013

scorched earth on etsy with commandments~

 prob my last post and jaunt with jewelry for a bit as school starts on monday.
 it's been much fun
 playing on etsy...the blog...
 and pinterest! such a visual feast.
 messing around with wonders from petra and more copper wire.
and dragging out some religious artifacts (did you see the commandments at the top?)
tribal sci-fi? hmmm, not sure.



  1. Wow, what a nice collection you've put together during your break. I hope you are filled with the satisfaction of your creativity and assembling to carry you over till you can get to it again. Yay for ScorchedEarthOnEtsy!

    1. thanks kim! i look forward to spring break...xoxo

  2. All of these pieces are fabulous!!! LoVe the commandments! Good Luck with school and can't wait to see what treasures your next break brings us!


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