24 December 2011


who doesn't love a thrift store? i find so many wonderful creative components there! i recently dropped thirty dollars on a grab bag of jewelry. just random stuff. got it home, dumped it out and found 20 pr. of earrings, mostly silver. score. the cool part is i donated them to my eighth graders bingo fundraiser. yay. then i found all this great chain, also mostly silver. more score. then i sorted it all into yuck and yum. i kept the yum and re-donated the yuck ('cause my yuck is someones else's yum). so much random discarded jewelry! solo earrings became beads (just use round pliers and roll the ear wire or post into a circle) then i just created one fun neckpiece with some of the chain and few of my olden time beads.

here is buddha, sitting pretty with a glass chili pepper, green clay beads, pipe stone, glass trade bead, shell button, lapis, some stone chips and a few faux pearls. true yum!

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