22 December 2011

~insomnia takes over with 4 inches, so far, of fresh snow~

silver has become unaffordable, so i started using more steel wire. love the look. having used bailing wire for years, i was delighted to find other steel wire in various diameters at the hardware store. yummy! handmade serpentine chain, door knocker, tumbled crystal, assorted vintage beads.
 linen shirt. vintage lace and sundries. a revival cuff.
 chain link bangle. shell buttons. love and adventure.
no particular style. creating with what is on hand as i know no other way. antique shell buttons are a fave as are the bike chain links. where would i be without discarded bike chain! while that is the most widely used material, you can see that i really do create with whatever i can find thus my body of work is varied.

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