30 December 2011


i made a choker. i really like it. it has a unknown stone shaped like a teardrop and vintage shell beads capped with silver spacers and some dripping turquoise. so, i'm happy with my production today and now that i have a new haircut that sticks up all over, i'm in a pretty good mood. but i am perplexed. i simply cannot get good photos of the new choker.  the photos do not do it justice! check it~

it's the shell beads. they glow too much when photographed; in the dark, by flash, without flash but in a little light. grrr. so, good mood with a slight bit of frustration. thank goodness for the new do or i might get depressed!
i keep thinking about a post by corvid delights. ~mindfulness, kindness, introspection and self change~ i see these words as leading the way to creating perspective in the new year. i welcome the new year! bring it on with all it's twists and turns as i have words of wisdom and people who inspire lurking in every corner of my life. good on ya then! and thanks for listening about the photo's.

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