31 March 2013

link to bead soup reveal and new destash shop~

my bead soup blog hop reveal post is here. for some reason it is not showing up in feeds. blah, but it's a fun post, so enjoy.



i've decided to part with many of my supplies. so, i started slowly adding them to this new little etsy shop. you can see the mini at the top right of the blog as well. LOTS of MOP buttons to destash and some extraordinary steel cut french beads that i have the most of. the rest of the items are one shot only.
i'm starting to work on my national boards and have realized that creating on the weekends will soon be replaced with intense writing and proving and rationalizing and researching and...so i need to, because of my personality, retrain myself in how i use my time. when all is said in done in a few years, i can always resupply and enjoy creating again, but for now, my creations will be in the written form proving my worth as an educator and passionate professional.

here are some offerings. cheers!


  1. Just checked out your destash shop....how fun! I hope you enjoy your weekends filled with research as much as you have those filled with artistic goodies.

    1. it should be loads of fun and lots of stress, but i thrive there. glad you like the little shop. i'm adding bike parts tomorrow and more goodies daily. cheers!


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